Monday, July 12, 2021

I’m back!

 I need to spend more time on here, I know that. As I work on updating my website I’ll be working to also dedicating more time here. Hang in there…

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The persuit of happiness

So who doesn't want to be happy? Foolish question I know, but it seems to me that although we all want to be happy few people actually go about seeking it.
Why is this? I think people confuse happiness with contentment,  a piece of cake may make you content as may multiple cocktails after work, but that's not necessarily happiness, that's a quick fix quite often send to fill a void in ones life. Many people think that wealth will provide happiness, well if that were the case why do many lottery winners end up broke and penny less? if you're reading this post, guess what? You're well off! That's right even the "poor" in developed countries have cars, cell phones, housing, food etc. in many cases the government provides it! So that's not it, ah must be your mate, your lover, your other half - nope. If it were why is the divorce rate in the United States at 50% (those folks are not only not happy I'd say their miserable)! But wait "I have a right to be happy" nope again. The US constitution provides inalienable rights, namely - life, liberty and "the persuit of happiness."
So why then are we so darn unhappy? With so much wealth floating around and so much "opportunity" why are we all so medicated in an attempt to escape reality?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Creative Process

The passion of photographic expression is likened to a virus. Ones true merit is not necessarily gaged against the work of another or financial rewards. The rewards come with a personal satisfaction of a body of work; a lifetime of creating and having made a statement. 

I believe if your "statemant" is readily recognized 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Caution - Opinions

I've been know to be opinionated - yes it's true. I realize though that what is true for us today may not be true tomorrow. 
Let me explain; I've had my opinions on film vs digital. 35mm vs medium or large format (or iPhone), I've realized there is no right or wrong answer, different cameras and different formats simply do different things.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photo Opportunity

It would be great if each time we were inspired we could simply drop what we're doing and immerse ourselves with our camera.
That's unfortunately not the case. I used to have lots of time to simply wonder through the woods along the Niagara Escarpment near Collingwood, Ontario. I had the time to set up my tripod, take exposure readings and compose the subject for interesting and hopefully exciting results. Ones success rate is greatly increased when one "takes the time to get it right".
Time is now a luxury, often I'm forced to make pics on the fly. It's disappointing, although my ability to compose quickly has become more acute.
This image was composed on the fly; the sun had broken through the clouds on I40 east of Ashville, NC. I had been dealing with an overcast sky and periods of rain when all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the surrounding trees. It was glorious, I managed to get away five or six shots and although they were captured with an iPhone and processed with multiple apps I'm happy with the results. It doesn't matter the camera format, what matters is the final result.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Artistic Growth

Photography for me for the most part included acquiring the knowledge to create an outstanding image. Whether, over the course of time I achieved that goal is subjective and left to the viewer.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Poplar Ave Memphis

This is an iPhone shot I made to illustrate the value of a phone app and modern technology vs old school.
It took only moments to create and with another app some quick tweaking. The result is not too bad.
But here is the rub, is it a good thing that decent images can be created on the fly? To create this in the camera (with film) would be expensive and time consuming. I'd have to set up the camera, compose the image, process the image, then spend a few hours in the darkroom printing. More cost, more time. So my question is, is it worth it?
Yes! The images I created that are good enough to find their way to the dark room are in my option my best. Those images will be finished by me not a lab tech (who by the way is probably more competent than me), but still not me.
The image will be offered for sale, will be limited edition and due to the process be original and yes,
 will be expensive.
The consumer/collector is entitled to my best, that's what he is paying for and there in lies the value!
So how does this shot fit into the process? It gives me an idea of how I want the image to look before I actually create it with film.