Sunday, July 7, 2013

Poplar Ave Memphis

This is an iPhone shot I made to illustrate the value of a phone app and modern technology vs old school.
It took only moments to create and with another app some quick tweaking. The result is not too bad.
But here is the rub, is it a good thing that decent images can be created on the fly? To create this in the camera (with film) would be expensive and time consuming. I'd have to set up the camera, compose the image, process the image, then spend a few hours in the darkroom printing. More cost, more time. So my question is, is it worth it?
Yes! The images I created that are good enough to find their way to the dark room are in my option my best. Those images will be finished by me not a lab tech (who by the way is probably more competent than me), but still not me.
The image will be offered for sale, will be limited edition and due to the process be original and yes,
 will be expensive.
The consumer/collector is entitled to my best, that's what he is paying for and there in lies the value!
So how does this shot fit into the process? It gives me an idea of how I want the image to look before I actually create it with film.

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