Friday, May 25, 2007

Digital Age - Two Thumbs Up!

I can develop and print my own pictures - the old fashioned way in the dark room complete with foul smelling chemicals and groping around in the dark trying to load a roll of film on a spool. With today's technology we no longer have to endure trying to get it right in the dark room. If you want to try something different with a computer you can and you won't incur the cost of wasted paper and or chemicals that have to be harmful.
I used to send negatives to a custom lab and try to explain to them what I wanted done - burn here dodge there -not too much now. today we can manipulate the image as we please and we're provided much more freedom to experiment. The interesting thing about all this however is you still have to start with a decent image, one that has been well composed and properly exposed, with media cards you can create thousands of images and just keep the ones you want.

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