Saturday, April 22, 2017

The persuit of happiness

So who doesn't want to be happy? Foolish question I know, but it seems to me that although we all want to be happy few people actually go about seeking it.
Why is this? I think people confuse happiness with contentment,  a piece of cake may make you content as may multiple cocktails after work, but that's not necessarily happiness, that's a quick fix quite often send to fill a void in ones life. Many people think that wealth will provide happiness, well if that were the case why do many lottery winners end up broke and penny less? if you're reading this post, guess what? You're well off! That's right even the "poor" in developed countries have cars, cell phones, housing, food etc. in many cases the government provides it! So that's not it, ah must be your mate, your lover, your other half - nope. If it were why is the divorce rate in the United States at 50% (those folks are not only not happy I'd say their miserable)! But wait "I have a right to be happy" nope again. The US constitution provides inalienable rights, namely - life, liberty and "the persuit of happiness."
So why then are we so darn unhappy? With so much wealth floating around and so much "opportunity" why are we all so medicated in an attempt to escape reality?

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