Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Lab Service

I remember the day when after a shoot, you'd bundle your film, fill out each envelope (fill it out correctly least the lab screws things up) and ship it off to the lab. After about a week voila you got your proofs back.
Then you had to sort through them discard the junk, stamp proof on the back, and your copyright. OK now your ready to contact the customer have them pick them up and wonder if you ever see them or your proofs again. It's no wonder photographers were in a bad mood!
Things are much easier today, after the shoot, you process your own images in your digital darkroom (who misses those smelly chemicals)?
Here's the really cool part - you upload your images to your lab, create an online ordering system for your customer, they log in order what they want, the lab process the order collect the fees and ship. When all is said and done the lab sends your cut (in about a month because all work is guaranteed for 30 days).
I like the layout I've created for mine. Let me know what you think.

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iPhone Art

Ok I know there are a lot of kick ass digital camera's out there, I'm very find of my Nikon.
But what about the smart phones? Sure why not, no the quality is not as good but their fast and easy and some of the apps make editing a snap.
The way I see it when your creative juices are running low and you don't feel like pulling out your big dollar gear, have at it with the phone.
BTW the new iPhone 4 has a resolution of 8mp, not bad!

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