Friday, July 5, 2013

Killer App

Since my favorite film is Kodak TMax 100 and my favorite camera is the Hasselblad   500cm I'm elated to find an app that allows me the opportunity to mirror my shots using my IPhone. 
The app is 645 PRO MK II. This app allows me to set film type, and ratio (Hasselblad uses 6cm x 6cm negatives).
I can add filters that one would use in B/W photography ie. yellow, red, orange etc.
Why is this important? This combined with other apps allow me the opportunity to see and or compose the image before I actually create it with the camera. Film and processing is expensive and the time in the darkroom can be extensive, this will simply give me a head start in the creation process. I'm also not a patient fellow. 
I should also mention that many aspect ratios are available with this app. Panoramic, 6x7, 35mm etc. also available are different selections of film. For those serious about controlling the images made in their smart phones this app is a must!

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