Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't take yourself too seriously!

I've run into many photographers over the years, I'm still looking for one that seems to be down to earth. There is a certain smugness about this profession - bottom line, I don't care how many degrees you have, face it your just a dude with a camera. Even the greats like Ansel Adams or the Yoseph Karsh didn't seem to have the ego of some of the fellows I've bumped into over the years. I've always tried to remain humble, my motto is simple - If you've hired me to do a job, I'll do my best, if I screw it up I'll try to fix it. If I'm making pictures for myself to market to the public and you approve I'm grateful for your admiration and appreciate your support. That's it, I know there are many photographers far more talented than me, I don't belong to any affiliate photographers club, I have no degree in photography and I don't enter competitions. As I get older I accept less assignments and spend more time doing my own thing, Its a freedom I've always enjoyed - never will I allow photography to become a JOB.

I Failed Art Class

I can't sing, never could hit a note. I can't dance - two left feet, I can't even draw an apple to look like an apple. I even failed art class in grade 10. (poetic justice - that art teacher approached me 15 years later to inquire if he could hang his art in my art galllery, and it should be noted I had a very attractive blonde sitting on either side of me)! My artist talent has been challenged to be sure, but I developed a passion for photography, a passion that burned so brightly I was and to some extent still absorbed. This all when taking a photography class in high school, I remember the experience of learning about f-stop depth of field and so on. The experience in the dark room was mesmerizing! I was hooked!