Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time For A Stranger

I ran into a fellow last week that collected vintage snowmobiles. Not just any snowmobiles mind you but Artic Cat! So why is that a big deal? That was only part of the conversation, I listened intently as he went on to tell me about restoring the machines, the pitfalls of a rubber track and the virtue of a rotary engine (I have no idea what that is) but he gleamed as he related the seemingly important tid bit of technical majesty.
I learned about his neighbor who had lost the use of his legs and was bound to a wheel chair. I learned that this same neighbor had purchased him a cross bow so that in the event he come across a large buck in deer season he too could partake in the hunt (something to do with rifle hunting and hunting with a cross bow.
I got an earful of his politics regarding all of having to pay additional taxes.
As I wright this I fund it interesting just how much he had to say, I for the most part just listened. I learned that given the opportunity to to talk about themselves most people will be quite engaging. I also learned how much I enjoyed listening to him tell his stories and expressing his opinions.
I spent a few hours with this fellow from Linesville Pa., I didn't get his name, I may never see him again, who knows?
I do know however that as a photographer perhaps the most important subject is in fact - us! We don't really know each other and for the most part we don't care to. We like to associate with those that think as we do or not at all.
I've dusted of the Hasselblad, it's time to put it back to work! The next time I run into such a great conversationalist, I'll be ready!