Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Pictures

Well its that time of year again! I thought I'd share a few ideas that will perhaps make this year just a little more memorable.

As we get ready for Christmas lets remember what the season is really about - I understand that retailers are concerned with their bottom line, its hard to get through the day and not be hammered with all the adds telling us to buy. Christmas is more than that, for those of us that are lucky (or blessed) enough to be amongst family and loved ones at this blessed time of year than that in itself is a truly wonderful gift.

Now having said that lets get ready to take some pictures! Hows the batteries? Make sure you have a good selection and if they're rechargeable then make sure they're charged. Before we get into subject matter and perhaps a little technique lets remember that the holidays don't start on December 25. There are lots of things going on now that will add to your collection of memories as the years go by. Here are a few ideas...

Here in Marion, the Court House is well lit with Christmas lights, they have trees on the grounds that are also lit in the evening. Get the family together and use the area as a background for some Christmas portraits. You can also try some unusual angles and perhaps selective focus for the trees and lights - play, that's what photography is about, if you are using a digital camera you need not worry about the cost of film! Remember that in the evening the light will be low, it would be a good idea to use a tripod or make sure you have some way to brace your camera. If you can you may be able to change your iso (film speed) 600 - to 1000 would be good for hand held. I have a picture on my website called "The Gathering" it was done for the Chamber of Commerce, I used the Court House as a background and allowed the people to move around freely. Because I had used a slow shutter speed the people showed movement but naturally the building is sharply in focus - a cool technique you can try.

This is naturally just one idea, here are a few more...

Family arriving for the holidays, Christmas plays at school, Christmas parties at work, putting up decorations, your neighbors and their homes, shoppers with their parcels, Church functions, preparing dinner, kids as they first see the tree Christmas morning, you get the idea, it all is up to you, the memories you create now will last a lifetime. Just make sure your prepared, batteries charged, if you use film how is your supply, is your camera lens cleaned (always remember to remove your batteries if your camera will not be used for several months - the batteries will leak).

There are a few simple rules for better Holiday pictures but guess what we've already covered them - just be ready, use your imagination and fire away and remember don't cut off Aunt Millies head!

Merry Christmas everyone, from my home to yours!

D'Arcy and Ingrid and the boys.